Gothic dresses in fashion

Dresses are usually the most elaborate and feminine garment in a person’s closet, and the exact thing happens to gothic people. As you might know, gothic style is the substyle born in the 70s-80s, where the color black, the cult of death, and the macabre look are the basic elements. Gothic image is based in the XIX century, where Romanticism, Decadentism and Neo-gothic movements were booming. Flamboyant dresses from then were the firsts influences for the current ones, so today we are going to talk about everything you need to know about goth outfits, in special, as you might guess, the beautiful dresses.

Evolution of gothic clothing

As we said previously, the modern gothic style was born in the 70s, whose precursors would be post-punk bands like Siouxsie and the Banshees, Bauhaus, The Cure or The Sisters of Mercy. It was characterized by a dark esthetic where black is the main color and the sound was deep and dense. It was shown in fashion in a dark way (literally) as it was getting easier to find people with mainly black styles, victorian dark outfits and decadent murky styles. In 1982, a new meeting point appeared: Batcave Club, founded by the band Specimen in London, England. Now we use it to describe the old school gothic style that we all know as traditional goth.

As time pass by, a series of styles have been defined, like traditional goths (that 80s image with black short skirts and deep eyeliner),romantic goths (Victorian dresses, startling outfits, groomed hairstyles), cyber goths (electronic music, neon color hair-extensions, steampunk glasses) or gothic lolita (pompous skirts, doll-like appearance, white powered face). They all have different variations of the traditional and romantic goths, but the essence of the style is still vivid. At the end, it is a way to express yourself, so you can choose the elements that you are more comfortable with and dress however you want to.

Types of gothic dresses

Are you curious about how the different styles look like in dresses? Well, we are here to show you exactly that.

  • Traditional goth dress. As this look is based on the 80s gothic aesthetics, black, leather, boots and disheveled hair are an important part of it. It is known as the original one, and all the other variations are supposed to come from this one.
  • Romantic goth dress. We are talking about Victorian flamboyant dresses with beautiful corsets that will take you to the XIX century. It is elegant, classic and magnificent, and is the first style that comes to your mind when you think about gothic.
  • Cyber goth dress. It is influenced by electronic music, so neon colors mixed with black and leather are going to be the protagonist. Neon hair extensions and steampunk working glasses will complement the look.
  • Gothic lolita dress. You are supposed to look like a doll, but nobody said what kind of doll. Gothic Lolita has all the innocence of Lolita’s style with the darkness of goth elements.

Haute goth dress. Fashion shows also have their own goth style, and this is Haute goth.

  • Deathrock dress. A harder and even more decadent gothic image, where rock band shirts and torn fishnets are the basics.
  • Pastel goth dress. It is a relatively new trend where users combine the kawaii pastel tones with the hard shapes of gothic fashion.

Gothic trend in fashion shows.

Some of the greatest designers are inspired by gothic style, and it is visible in a few designs that we can see in their fashion shows. Black color, lace, corsets… These are the kind of elements they introduce in the stunning new dresses, influenced by death, darkness or even vampirism. We especially love those whose Victorian side is more noticeable, as the neatness is obvious in them. We are going to see a few examples of what we are talking about.

  • Alexander McQueen in the Fall 2020 Fashion Show. He is known as the first precursor of the gothic fashion in fashion shows. In every collection we can find some gothic inspiration in several designs, as we can see in this one, where you can notice the Victorian influence and the prevalence of the black color.

Olivier Thayskens in the Fall 2020 Fashion Show. Another one of the known as gothic designers in the fashion world. In this example of his latest collection, we can appreciate the inflow of traditional goth, with elements like leather and gabardines.

Ricardo Tisci. The lace and black silk pants are the protagonists in this example of goth influence in fashion shows, being Tisci the third most known gothic designer we are going to talk about today.

  • Oscar de la Renta. In some night outfits of this designer, we can see the gothic inspiration in details like the lace, the color or the corset shape.
  • Richard Queen in the Fall 2020 Fashion Show. We do not need to say much about the predominant elements here, like the black leather in the whole look or the particular boots.
  • Vera Wang in the Spring 2020 Fashion Show. With Vera Wang we can remark the subtle thin, dark fabrics that integrate the whole look.
  • Anna Sui’s Fall 2020 Runway Collection. Not too much discussion here as we have everything we need: leather, dark make up, lace, boots, frills, and everything in a nice, deep, black color.

In fashion shows every year we can appreciate elements inspired by the gothic image. Who can blame them? There are gorgeous, bold and original outfits in this style, and even if you are not into this kind of fashion that much, you have to admit that is quite cool and unique; In everyday fashion, we can see all kinds of elements in different goth people, like skulls, chains or even the most curious items like disecated parts. As a non-written rule in this society, there will always be someone judging what they cannot understand, but do not be afraid of it, because the way you dress is part of who you are.

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