Rosegal is our new Halloween spirit

BOO-HOO-HOOO my little ghosters. As the Halloween is almost here I have a special surprise for you. I was thinking about a special Halloween wishlist form Rosegal as their costumes are really interesting this year. So it’s the perfect time to win the best candies and to scary the neighbours with these special costumes. For me, the best party I found in Cluj, Romania is „the Nun” topic party, so I will show you the best three outfits for this one to win the prize.

The first piece from my outfit will be this Halloween Cosplay Witch Costume Set – Black which, I think, is the closest costume from the original Nun outfit. Maybe I will change the veil with a white one,or I will add it over this one. The good part is that the outfit is complete and has a good price, so you dont need to spend money on other pieces for it to be completed. Also it seems to have a great material so that you can use it in the next Halloween parties.

The second product is this Women’s Zombie Ghost Bride Fancy Dress Halloween Costume. It’s not exactly the original outfit but it is alike. So, with the perfect make-up and the best accesories it would be an exceptional outfit that will scary most of you’re firends.

The third Nun costume and the las tis this amazing Vintage Skull and Floral Print Halloween A Line Dress which will provide you a vintage costume, something special and more sexier. As it has a great design and a perfect form. It needs indeed some extra tips like a white veil, a great make up, accesories and a beautiful pare of shoes. So you’re Halloween will become more interesting and magical.

But this is not all for you my little monsters because you can find some surprises at this Rosegal Halloween Sale. So I will present you the New product 30% off + turntable draw coupon, up to $20 off (full reduction) which will make you’re bloody shopping into a more enjoyable thing for you’re pockets. You can just click the link and find more about the really great discounts that you can enjoy if you become a member of this great clothes society.


Also you can spare some money if you Use code” RGTina” for all order with over 100USD save 12USD or if you don’t have so much money you can choose to Use code” RGTina” for all order with over 50USD save 6USD. If you are not ready for a shopping sesion though you can just Use code „RGTina” for all order with over 25USD save 3USD but just don’t forget, as much you spend- as much you spare… And not it’s time for trick or treat, or just scary some neighbours.. Anyway, just have fun and be the scariest.. Until next time.. Mwahaha….

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