My Zaful Wishlist

Hey, I hope you miss my wishes because today I want to tell you something about the products of the  Zaful which I want to add to my shopping cart and then to my wardrobe. For those who are for the first time on my blog I have to mention that the bust is one of the sites outside the country that conquered me. They find all the products I need and they also benefit from very good prices. The only downside, if I can say so, is that they do not have free shipping. But this is not a problem because they often have free shipping, so I can do my shopping quite often. Let’s see what’s on my wislist now.Because they came in summer they are looking for some dresses. That’s how I discovered the dress up above. It looks like the kind of dress I would love at first glance. It is blue, made of very vaporous and very nice material. To my joy are my size on stock so I have to decide as soon as I place the order with it. All I need is a pair of stilleto and a cuff. Of course I would not refuse any pair of sunglasses, I saw some cool designs on this site, but I let you discover them all.

I know I just told you it came summer so I buy my dresses, but I can not even look at the jackpot category. For example, the above model is the very nice and affordable sun. I’ve always loved three jackets that have a zipper pattern. Even the color can not complain, even though it seems like a guy created for boys. I think this jacket would make my cool summer evenings much more enjoyable and warmer.

The last product I am presenting to you today is the set above. I really like its model especially, being very attractive and cute. Besides, I can not miss the fact that the top is three quarters, which means I can make my silhouette visible. I know many of you will say that your pants do not fit around your body, they like me wider.

What do you think about all these products?

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