The most beautiful dresses specially created for events!

Hello. I just realized for the third time this year that my wardrobe is still not complete. Do you know when you sit in front of the closet and see even 10 dresses, but not everyone likes or simply wore them at any event? Well then you must go to, this way you will have the opportunity to discover hundreds of dress patterns more beautiful than the other.

Today I will present you two very beautiful categories of dresses:

  • Wedding dresses

We still dreamed of the moment we walked to the altar in that white dress. The moment we leave the parental home to create our own family. That’s why I think bridal gowns should be at the forefront of us. On the above site I was attracted the attention of several models of such dresses, however I will only present you two.

Wedding Dresses #VLQF7196

Wedding Dresses #RKKL6171

At the first dress I really like her back, I think it would be a good dress for me because it is a simple model that would highlight the tattoo I have on my back. Even the second dress is not inferior, especially as we are talking about a superbly designed design with the help of the sanity. It’s true that the second one is more inflated at the bottom, but I think that’s exactly what makes the model a special one.

  • Party dresses

When it comes to mandatory parties we have to have a new dress. Only in this way will we be able to win the others. If the bridal gowns made the choice seem easy, the party dresses made things even more complicated. You can go for long or short, sexy or simple, black or colorful. I chose 3 models for party and believe me that it was not easy for me to just stop on them.

Chiffon prom dress #TOAZ3343

Dresses with Sequins #UKMQ8384

Chiffon Prom Dress #TVXY8357

The first dress drew my attention because it looks simple, even though it has the small pebbles that surround the decolletage and make it special. At the second I do not think I have to say the reason, the color is the one that caught my attention. For a long time I’ve never seen such a beautiful pink hue, and even if I know it’s going to come out straight out I’ll be on it. The last dress attracted my attention due to the reasons on it. I really like how the pebble blue blends with the white dress. Of course I recommend you not to wear it at the wedding, if you are not the bride or if you are 100% sure that the bride will have nothing against.

What do you think about these dresses?

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