Find Victorian Style Gemstone Engagement Rings

Choosing the best rose gold moissanite engagement rings for the future fiancee could be a daunting task. There are plenty of styles and thus various kinds of diamonds–how would you know which ring she likes best? Well, if the passion for your existence is definitely an old soul or perhaps a trendy girl, she’s certain to love an old-fashioned style diamond engagement ring inspired through the Victorian times.

Also referred to as the Romantic period, the Victorian times spanned time of Queen Victoria’s reign in England, from 1836 to 1901. This time around is becoming notable because of its „refined sensibilities” or, quite simply, its strict morality and formal societal etiquette. The jewellery from the era was similarly modest: delicate rings that reflected beauty inside a subtle way.

However, if you notice that Queen Victoria’s reign lasted a long time. The Victorian times saw fashion changes as time continued, including different jewellery styles. Victoria put aside her simple, subtle jewellery following the deaths of her mother and husband, favoring large, grandiose jewellery frequently featuring gemstones in wealthy colors rather.

This is among the beautiful reasons for Victorian inspired jewellery–having a fairly wide selection of styles, there’s bound is the pear shaped engagement rings for just about any bride!

At the beginning of the age, most Victorian style diamond engagement rings mirrored the ring Victoria herself caused by Prince Albert. This ring featured just one emerald along with a gold band that was similar to a snake (snakes were considered symbolic of eternity). Similar designs sprang in the style during the day bands were decorated with indicating romance, from hearts and flowers to bows and arrows.

As Queen Victoria shifted into grander, more elaborate jewellery, ring designers adopted suit. Filigree of abstract patterns started to brighten the bands, the diamonds and gemstones grew to become bigger, and settings grew to become more extravagant (think halos or clusters of diamonds). Many modern designs are the same styles Victoria used during this period in her own existence.

Victorian style settings put focus on the ornamental patterns around the metal, featuring from floral filigree to depictions of lovebirds flying. Gold was the most typical color for several years, although elevated trade made silver a possible option close to the turn from the century.

Diamonds were difficult to find within the 1800s, many girls used a diamond ring using their birthstone his or her diamond engagement ring rather. However, Queen Victoria was particularly keen on opal, and thus this stone grew to become extremely popular.

Obviously, the gemstone ring is a standard feature of our wedding culture today. Diamonds did gain popularity throughout the Victorian times, especially following the South African gemstone hurry. In those days, that old mine cut–now referred to as cushion cut–is at vogue. Adding opals or any other colored gemstones towards the band alongside a cushion cut gemstone is a terrific way to pay homage towards the Victorian style diamond engagement ring.

What’s most significant when you’re searching for any Victorian style affordable engagement ring under 500 may be the overall aesthetic. This ring ought to be beautiful (either subtly or extravagantly) and female, decorated with delicate filigree or opulent gemstones, also it can feature whether single gemstone or perhaps a cluster of diamonds and gemstones.

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