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Hello, my darlings!
State at home is not easy task that is why I will write more difficult in the coming period. A week ago my sister lifted two parcels from is why I told you to do two posts, it will be first, and in a few hours will appear first OOTD blog.
In the beginning I say that hair products on site quality, now I can tell you from experience that are of high quality. But let’s show you some of the products that we have received.

Casual Women’s Athletic Shoes With Mesh and Lace-Up Design

The first product we will talk about today is this beautiful pair of white sneakers with black. Their model is very nice, and the material resembles very much skin in our country. I love this pair of sneakers that is unique in its way, is absolutely gorgeous and I won.

At first it seemed a male model, but when you see them as sits on foot you realize you are gorgeous. I purchased the Number 39, it is pretty good because it gives foot space to breathe, does not come strampt on foot. Of course you should check by number of cm to make sure that you do not make a mistake.

Their sole is thick and resistant, but nevertheless not inconvenience almost no leg goes very light in them. They are perfect for gym classes or for long walks in the park. Their price is very good considering all the benefits that brings this pair.

Lasting Finish 24 Hour Moisture Isolation Waterproof Correction Foundation

In general we have seen that many of you are afraid to buy cosmetics online, sincere and me was afraid at first, they may be expired, may make allergy. But forget that this time I have chosen the best foundation. Besides the low price, this foundation is not as fat as those in trade.

It has a very good consistency and enters the skin immediately. Over if sweat does not stain clothing so bad, that does not emerge immediately from the skin. You can see in the picture above it as seen on the skin, of course I have not sat evenly spread out, because I wanted to observe how better color.

Household Six-piece Set STM-A008 Dry Battery Electric Hair Clipper

The last product of this is this wonderful items purchased for my boyfriend trimmer. It was the best choice because the box has everything he needs to shave himself. It is very small and can be taken easily in the bag during the holidays.

This trimmer needs two batteries to be function, AA batteries are those that you find in any store. So they can be easily and quickly replaced when it ends, and the device can be used anywhere.

It has two sets of blades, very sharp. I say this from experience, it was close to getting cut me in them. The blades also have a protective plastic because when the trimmers remove the bag or box you can not cut into them.

What about items purchased? Do not forget that a few hours back with a OOTD.




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