Maxi dresses for a dream beach-day with

The last days I was looking for a nice maxi dress for my cousin. So I’ve found the site The site have many clothes from jeans and t-shirts to nice dresses. But I’ve stopped to the maxi dresses because those are the perfect gift for my cousine who goes for the first time to the beach.

Now I will show you 5 of my favourite products from this site and my favourite maxi dress.

The first product I really love is this cotton romper. It is perfect for a windy summer day and the flowers make it more interesting and coll. Also it is perfect for a sport outfit and will make you feel more comfortable in you’re clothes. So you will be comfortable and sexy in the same outfit. Isn’t that cool?

The second product that will make my summer shiny are this black sweet shirts. What make them so special is the flower texture that make them look sweet and elegant but also that they look in some postures like a skirt. That will make you’re summer look more original and fancy.

Now the third product that I love is  this White Short Sleeve Plain T-Shirt. It looks nice but also dangerous and sexy. Also the cuts and the texture will make you look more rebel and fresh. It fix nice with the shortpants and will give me more confidence in myself.

The fourth product is this nice Black Asymmetric Plain 3/4 Sleeve Tied Blazer that is erfect for coldy days and is very elegant and sexy.It will give the outfit a interesting look and will make you look more different and cool.

And the fifth product I’ve choosed this Fold-over Flat Top Casual Medium Shoulder Bag. It is nice because is not to big but also not to small, so it will fix all girls need in it like phone, money and make up in. Is perfect for one night out and will make you’re outfit more glamorous. Also it fix perfect with the t-shirt.

And now I will present you the maxi dress that I’ve choosed for my cousine. It is a black maxi dress, is perfect for a beach walk and will make her look sexy but also comfortable and free. It is a perfect Beach Sleeveless Plain Crew Neck Maxi Dress that can make everybody look sweet and sexy. Also it is not very expensive and you can choose from different sizes.

So if you like my review and you want to see more maxi dresses that will make you’re beach vacation a dream one please click here. Also you can take a look to this beautiful site, to subscribe it in YouTube  or to see more review to it’s Blog.

Make you’re beach days comfortable and sexy! 🙂


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