Joy in a package- Wsdear review

Some time ago I made an order on site yesterday we managed to get into her possession. I was very curious about the products, to be honest I was afraid that my dress will not come quite long and it will be a bad material.

However dress is perfect if you look trashed a little better. Considering its price, dress exceeded all expectations, and you can see it in the pictures below. Even if a black dress she is very airy and go in warmer weather.


My joy has not been done here on site because I took a pair of tights, it is exactly these tights. I was captivated by model and their price and a final I added them to my list of shopping. The hardest part was to choose the color of writing, but I’m sure I made a good choice.

Unlike other pairs stockings they are more elastic and I don’t come shorts. material is one very pleasing touch not incomodează almost not at all. combination of black and Blue is demenţial. if you want a held perfect recommend at least a pair.

What do You think about the product I receive?


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